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Anyconnect 4 APEX License Question



One question that I haven't found a direct answer to;

I currently have a base license on a 5520.

I'd like to buy & add a 25 unique user SSL license.

Once a single license is used is it gone from the pool for good? Say an employee leaves or a vendor needs temp access for a day or two.

Can I revoke the license from the user & place pack in the the pool for another future user to use?

I've also seen others mention the "honor system". Does this mean if i have all 25 licenses assigned to users & there's not 25 currently logged in that a new unassigned user would be able to log in? Not that I would as the license quote I got is $6/year per user, but curious how this all works.

Thank you

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Philip D'Ath
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It is an honesty system.  You don't assign licences to users or need to revoke licences.

In addition to what Philip correctly said, AnyConnect 4.x licenses, when installed, will show available licenses equal to the maximum available on your platform model - thus making it even more of an "honor system".

That was done in order to simultaneously accommodate all of the older plus current licensing models Cisco has gone through with AnyConnect.

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