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AnyConnect installed and not able to auto connect to SSID

Hi Experts,

Recently I have been reported an issue that describes as follows, a laptop does not connect automatically to cooperate SSID when it wakes up from sleep. And as per the description this seems to be happening with the ones that have AnyConnect installed on them.

So, first of all is there is any connection between AnyConnect running on laptop and it not being able to connect automatically to corporate SSID?
Why would AnyConnect not allow the endpoint to connect to post it wakes from sleep?

Has anyone faced with such an issue in the past?

Hall of Fame Guru

I can think of several reasons why.

Are you talking about AnyConnect VPN module only or the AnyConnect Network Access Manager (NAM) module as being installed?


Using just the VPN module and there is no NAM or any plan to use NAM future though.
So, are there any issues that were reported post installing AnyConnect not allowing auto connection to SSID?

The other thing is that there are multiple other SSIDs as well, so have also suggested to raise the priority of the cooperate SSID via GPO push. I have to get any updates on this suggestion.


If you are using AnyConnect VPN module only it should not generally affect any connection to a wireless LAN SSID.

There are some seldom-used settings such as the Start Before Login that could potentially affect it but you've not indicated you're using that.


The issue as off now is with the users keep their laptops to sleep or when they are away and laptop goes to sleep. Its when they wake it up, that is when the need to manually connect the SSID comes in.

Cisco Employee

What version of AnyConnect are you using.  You should be running 3.8.03036 or later.  We did have some issue with prior releases similar to what you are seeing.  I would uninstall the current version you have running, then stop WlanSVC and run the following command from an admin command prompt.     "Netsh wlan delete profile name=*(AC)".  Then install the latest version and retest.




AnyConnect 4.7.04056 is deployed on the endpoints.
I will try those set of commands for this version and re-install 4.7.
But, then are there any such issues reported and resolved for 4.8?


If you are not using the NAM module then the steps I provided before will be of no use.