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VPN between cisco 877 fortigate 3000

Hi all!I try to mount a tunnel between cisco 877 and fortigate 3000.In my Cisco I have this error when I try to bring up the tunnel in the fortigate:Jun 16 07:21:28.132: IPSEC(validate_proposal_request): proposal part #1,  (key eng. msg.) INBOUND loc...

Alex801415 by Beginner
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Video Conference over VPN (Using ASA)

I have a problem in the Video conference call establishment between two sites over VPN created using two ASA firewalls.the VPN tunnel is up and passing all the types of IP traffic, except the H323 video conference traffic "the call cant be establishe...

Aux/Console dialbackup on 871

I have configured a cisco 871 router using the shared Aux/Console port for dial backup. The only problem I have right now is that I cannot access the router using the console port anymore. If I want access to the router, I need to connect through the...

slauzon by Beginner
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VPN client cant access all the network

I have an ASA firewall configured for VPN client access, the users can connect remotelly and the connection success all the times, but the remote users cant access all the network resources all the times;they can ping internal network PCs, but for ot...

DMVPN and eigrp nei instability

Hello,We have 2 7200 (NPE-G2) hubs and about 100 2811 spokes connected to each hub with one tunnel over an MPLS cloud provided by the ISP.On the tunnels we use GRE+IPSECWe have noticed that a lot of eigrp neighborships go up and down during the day w...

VPN connection to ASA 5510

Hi, I am hoping to get some help regarding a VPN connection. I am trying to establish a connection between a remote client to a site and a site to site connection. However, I recieve several errors, they are listed below:Error 1: Phase 1 failure:  Mi...

Cisco RVS4000 port forwarding and VPN

Hi everyone,I have an issue to install a VPN for my company. Basically I need a VPN tunnel between two branches and the ability to remotly connect with laptops from outside. I think that 2 Cisco RVS4000 are the solution for now, but i can't make the ...

Draiden85 by Beginner
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Resolved! AnyConnect ip pool change

Hi all,I am still not proficient with the ASA as I would like to be.I have inherited an ASA with an AnyConnect IP Pool - .254. Now currently the address pool is on the same VLAN as the inside interface, Now that whole VLA...

geotech333 by Beginner
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