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IPSec Client Disconnection

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Level 1

I have a dsl connection at a remote site that uses ppp over ethernet. Found out the hard way that it is not supported on the pix 501. So I bought a dsl router that supports pppoe and it works great. I can use the vpn client to tunnel into the vpn concentrator no problems. If i try this on a second pc, it disconnects the first pc. It is windows 2000 and client 3.1. The group on the concentrator we are connecting to uses an address pool and it says it will allow up to 50 connections from the same group. Is there a way to let multiple users connect this way, or is the fact that they are all behind one public address going to disallow this?

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Level 2

I don’t see any way around this besides obtaining more valid IP addresses. The tunnel is built with the IP address of the first user. It will rebuild when the next user attempts and knock the first user off. You could terminate the tunnel at the router of the remote network instead of the individual PC’s but I’m not exactly sure of your topology/network design.