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ISE two factor authentication with different identity Store


Hi All,

We are trying to authenticate a NAS in 2 level, first against LDAP/AD or internal user repository and second level against a token server. User should first login with LDAP/AD password, then NAS should ask for OTP. 

How can we achieve this in ISE?

Thanks in Advance



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No, this scenario is not supported.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Here are some options for 2FA with ISE:

Two Factor Authentication on ISE – 2FA on ISE


Hi Hari,

Thanks for reply.

I have seen this thread. But this use-case is not listed. I have put my requirement as attachment.

Please confirm whether this is possible with ISE.


I have a very similar requirement - instead of NAS, we are using an ASA for VPN access. (and our token server is Imprivata)

did you ever get this working?

No, this scenario is not supported.

moved to anyconnect team as well to see if they have further comments since its up to ASA and anyconnect to handle authentication piece


In my case, I have it working..

I have an External Identity store for AD, and setup a Radius Token server for my MFA server.

I created a "identity store sequence" and applied this in the Authentication (not the authorization) policy.

works like a champ!

How is it using the sequence to perform two levels of authentication as opposed to just passing it from AD?

ISE support MFA using the products listed here.

Recently I implemented ISE with Azure MFA which isn't in the supported
list. I am managed to do this by making the NAD (which is ASA) controlling
it. ASA will authentication with AD which performs MFA with Azure in the
backend then ISE will perform authorisation after successful authentication
(using authorize-only feature). Azure MFA used MS Authenticator mobile APP
as 2nd authenticator

That won't work for us, as our use case is not for VPN authentication, but rather for device admin (using Radius, not TACACS).  ISE has to be the primary authenticator, but I will keep that in mind if we expand to trying to use MFA for VPN. 

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