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VPN Between old ASA and new ASA

Hi All, We have an old ASA 5510 v8.2 (1) and want to set up VPN between it and a newer (yet to be purchased ASA). Will there be compatibility issues? I can only find docs relating to client access to the ASA via anyconnect etc. I would like to know so we can determine if we need to purchase 1 or 2 new ASAs.



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MHM Cisco World
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old and new different only some IKEv1 IKEv2 hash and encrypt algorithm as I know, 
so why you not try first if failed then go to buy new one. 

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VIP Community Legend

ASA  5510 end of life long back the code you running was more the decade old. if you have budge buy latest one,.

Cisco moving furture is FTD modesl - ASA  not for long in the market.


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Karsten Iwen
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The main problem here is that the 5510 is completely outdated and doesn't receive any security fixes any more. A responsible Admin would not connect this device to the internet any more.

Cheers for all the info. We are getting rid of the ASA 5510 but no timeline yet. The ASA 5510 is not directly connected to the internet. There are other hw/sw firewalls between it and the internet. We have decided not to use the ASA for VPN.

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