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VPN Client for Linux only works on Root user and not non-root users

Hey Guys,

I installed the Cisco Linux VPNclient on Redhat 5.3. I have two users on this workstation. One is a root user and the other one is a non-root user. I can only seem to run the command "vpnclient connect <profile name>" when I am logged in as a root user.

When I log in as the non-root user and run the same command, it just hangs. I have also typed "su -" to become superuser and tried running the "vpnclient connect" command and still it hangs.

The only time the client works is when I actaully log on as "root". becoming super user on non-root users does not work.

Any ideas? Thanks!


Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame Guru

I couldn't find an explicit reference in the AnyConnect admin guide but I suspect you have to install as the user for the client to work properly - even if that means multiple installations on the same host. AnyConnect stores some bits in the user's space (at /home/username/.anyconnect) at installation time that will not be there if a different user performed the installation.

Hey Marvin,

Thanks for the reply. I am actually using the Cisco VPN CLI client, and not the AnyConnect.


I just ended up using VPNC for linux and had no problems.

I believe the reason is that the gui client uses the same port as the vpn (like for instance port 500). I have to use the vpnc command with --local-port 501 (or something else than 500) to connect to my vpn.

the built in client in network-manager does not work - at least not in my version.

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