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Windows Internal CA and PRSM

Hello, I have an internal Windows CA that we would like to use for SSL/HTTPS decryption within PRSM.  I have attempted to export/import all of the different methods I can think of, but I can't seem to get a combination that works with PRSM. Does anyo...

mbaker33 by Beginner
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Resolved! Users in multiple AD groups

Hi all,I have this scenario, hope you can help.Users in AD, may be members of several groups. I need to create an access policy to users that belong to two groups. For example, if a user belongs to \Internet AND \Privilege then one policy needs to be...

fermendo by Beginner
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Application Fault occured.

Dear All,Recently , i got some error from Both ironport Web And Email Appliances as follows. For Email______________The Critical message is:An application fault occurred: ('snmp/ipmi_handlers.py _handle_fan_result|370', "<type 'exceptions.ValueError'...

Resolved! iPad's and a IronPort Proxy.

So we've started handing out iPad's to our users.  I've been able to setup them up to access our wireless network in a secure manner.  My next problem is with getting them to use our web proxies. We have a pair of S170's that we are using.  When I co...

spm by Beginner
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Scansafe on Router - Commands missing

Hi,Reading the document here - https://supportforums.cisco.com/document/147696/ios-scansafe-step-step-configuration It states the following -Prerequisite:ISR should be running a minimum code version 15.2(1)T1 or above.Available in IOS (universal) ima...

GRANT3779 by Frequent Contributor
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Feature Request : provide a way to create access policies or identities with matching condition based on the HTTP header's "Referer" field

Hello,I have a use-case I would like to share with you. When a customer configures its WSA with highly restrictive internet access like in the example below, it may trigger some issues :1- allow internet access only for URLs defined in whitelist.2- b...

WSA Revert Code Availability

A customer wants revert from 7.7.0-725 to be 7.5.2-303. The revert option only shows 7.7.0-710 and 7.7.0-725 to be available. Does anyone know the best way to revert to 7.5.2-303 from 7.7.0-725? Is it possible that 7.5.2-303 will appear in the list, ...

Resolved! IronPort WSA S170 and Context directory agent

Hello people and experts, I need your consultation regarding IronPort and CDA deployment.I couldn't find any information in internet...So my question is - if IronPort is AD domain member and Explicit forward proxy is planned to be used. Do I need CDA...

antonkim88 by Beginner
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I need to block all internet access except two: one for normal and one for a trusted HTTPS site.can tell me how to configure the rule?I'm just managing to free up access to normal site, but I can not allow access to HTTPS site, blocking all other acc...

ecampos02 by Beginner
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