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Hello, We have implemented a setup wherein we use 3x S695 WSA's as web proxies for ~20k users. They are configured in failover mode, each proxy serving as a Master for one group and Backup for the two others (3 groups total). We want to enable the by...

gntrshn by Beginner
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Hello guys,I am thinking to upgrade our WSAs from 12.5.1-043 to 14.0.1-053. First, we are going to upgrade our SMA to 14.1.0-227.I need a little help with the below:Since our configuration manager is on 12.5, how should I change it? what steps I need...

spacemeb by Beginner
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Hello, How to block access on sites which are using rdp over https. Is there any way with the current Application Visibility & Control? See also: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/5468.using-remote-desktop-services-over-the-...

spacemeb by Beginner
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Hello all, I would like to ask if it is possible to remove the  "$authMechanism://" ("WinNT://" in my case) from the ICAP "X-Authenticated-User" header.IronPort WSA: S300VAsynOS :  14.0.1-053 Thanks in advance,Lefteris

I am currently running AsyncOS 11.5.1 and want to upgrade to 12.5.1 since it is the latest (and last) release for the appliance.  Can I go straight to 12.5.1, or is there a path to take?  I have been unable to find an official document describing upg...

TracyN by Beginner
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Hi All, Created a CSR certificate for mail domain by following below articlehttps://www.secure128.com/guides/ciscoIronCSR. During creation of csr certificate i have kept the duration before expiration is 3650 days But my client inform me that their C...

sv7 by Beginner
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We have a 5516 with Malware and URL filtering licences applied. If I create a URL block, it works, but it I create a category block, I get the error 'This rule requires a Control licence'. Licencing shows 1x URL, 1x Malware, but 0x Protection and 0x ...

sprocket10 by Explorer
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Hi Everyone, I need to allow particular group to have access to Slack. Slack comes with very long URL list: https://pipedrive.slack.com/help/urls which I think is not really good way to solve the issue just by adding all those URLs. I wonder is there...

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