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Helloi am testing ScanSafe features and was setup a ISR (C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(2)T) to use ldap authentication to AD following http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/web_security/ISR_SS/ISR_ScanSafe_SolutionGuide.pdf.Un...

endpoint by Level 1
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I have an access policy on an Ironport S370 configured for a locked down AD account that is allowing access to only two internal sites and blocking all other categorized and non-categorized URLs. I've created custom URL categories for these two URLs ...

flurrball by Level 1
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Hi I am trying to setup the following service: ( managed service) cisco ios router-887A (wccp v2)------internet -------Data Center ----ironportis it possible to use ironport in the cloud and use for many clients ? I was trying diffrent config  and sc...

I was looking through the firewall section for the SMA to see which ports need to be opened between the devices. Is there a guide or a list of ports that need to be opened between the devices.Here is a list of ports that I see (i used asyncos IPs for...

  We have an issue where we're trying to download drivers and support files from APC. We get as far as downloading the file (HTTP site forwards to FTP), but once it's downloaded it's 0k even though the download says it has downloaded over 2 MB. We're...

ashaw216 by Level 1
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Hai Dears,I have doubt on Cisco Ironport WSA Caching, which i need to clarrify.I have one customer purchased Cisco WSA For their Cache purpose only. The site is a college and they want to cache the files they are downloading.So , my question is, sinc...

We want to use CDA for transparent user authentication. Now, all users have domain credentials and even MAC users need to login with AD credentials to MAC machines.Will CDA be able to see MAC user login to MAC PC (all MAC PSs are part of windows doma...

Tim Lewis by Level 1
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