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How to exclude mobile devices from authentication

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So i have a default identity policy that takes the identity of a user from an AD agent, i have also set up NTLM transparent authentication in case AD agent can not identify the user.

it works well on our windows domain attached PCs but there is a problem with mobile devices (ipads, iphones, droids, etc) every time they want to use the browser, app, people are being asked to put their credentials.

is there a way of excluding all of these mobile devices from this NTLM authentication? this is on ASA CX, i have an option to add a identity policy above this one, but how can i add mobile devices as a source?


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Hi gregory,
If i'm not missing something there's no way to discriminate mobile users to exempt it from authentication. I think you need to create a Specific vlan for mobile users then create an identity specifying the new subnet and exempt it from authentication.

Hope this helps


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Your other option, if the ASA CX allows it, is to create an identity for the User-Agent strings that the mobile devices use and not require authentication for those strings...   Its doable on the WSA, but I don't know about the CX...

I tried that, and i can create user/device agent based object, but somehow i can not use it a s a source, i can only use network, IP range as a source.

If you was able to create user/device agent that identify mobile users so you can crate an identity based on user agents.

When you add an identity, in the lower left-side corner click on "advanced" then click on "None Selected" line next to "User Agents" . Then you can add your Custom User Agents strings in the list.


I can create a source object group based by  User agent object , but then the problem is that in the actual policy i can only add network sources as a sources, not this source object based on user agent identity i created.

i can add screenshots if needed, i this WSA may be more advanced that ASA CX

Hi Gregory,

please add screenshot so i can better understand the problem.