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Routing doesnt work on S160



I have network such as P1 connecting to Internal network and P2 connecting to ASA

P1 is not reacheable from internal LAN,

I have a route for internal LAN pointing towards Core (P1 VLAN) and Default route pointing towards ASA, My M1 interface is only for Management.

Is there any BUG in 7.1 OS or any clear commands to apply.


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Luis Silva Benavides
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


If you place a capture on P1 interface what do you see?

Are you able to ping anything on Core from the WSA? Do you see it in the capture?

Could you please share the routes you have in the WSA?

Luis Silva

"If you need PDI (Planning, Design, Implement) assistance feel free to reach us"

Luis Silva

THanks for the reply,

I have not configured any capture

i can ping the core vlan interface of P1 same subnet.. I have not done the capture

i have only 2 routes pointing towards Core and Default route pointing towards ASA.


The routes seems to be fine.

Could you please do the capture?


Luis Silva

"If you need PDI (Planning, Design, Implement) assistance feel free to reach us"

Luis Silva

Here is the attached,

There are no replies from the iron port S160 only i can see the echo in the logs, when i keep only the default route pointing to my internal (Core ) pings starts working, otherwise with two routes one for internal and default route to the ASA it doesnt work.

the OS version is 7.5.1-201


What filters/interfaces were used for the capture? If you could, can you please re-take the capture using "No Filters" and selecting all interfaces (M1, P1, P2) when this issue occurs?

Please also include a screen shot of your interface configuration (Network > Interfaces) and your routing configuration (Network > Routes).



Jeff Richmond

Customer Support Engineer

Content Security Technical Services (CSTS) - Web Security

Hey Jeffrey,

It is a very big stupidity by the Asyn OS , i opened a TAC case and he just add a subnet mask to my internal network and it start working.

Before the routes were point towards core then the  TAC engineer he just put a and the it started ping,

This is very bad from Async OS when I submit by without a mask atleast it should prompt with the error of subnet mask but it didnt. No where in the document it is written that we have to specify the subnet mask.

Cisco should change this behaviour of Async OS,

Thanks for the reply Jeffrey.

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