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Unavailable logo slowing access to gmail?



Users have complained of slow Gmail acccess. After close inspection, it turns out that traffic is being redirected to an address of The address is in the WSA's configuration. It reads as follows:



We don't know where this address came from. We assume the Gmail slowdown occurs because the address is not assigned to anything that can respond. It would seem that this address should be the webfilter's address, but how is this parameter modified?


Thank you.

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Give us more information about environment and network topology to understand better


like. what is the device, how is your network, what devices in the path to connect o internet.



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Handy Putra
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee





The line above is from WSA GUI -> Security Services -> End-User Notification -> HTTP General Settings under the "Logo Image" section. And looks like your configuration is using "Use Cisco Logo" and the ip address before :8443 should be your M1 interface IP address.


This logo will only be used when the WSA need to display notifications such as block notification, warning notification, etc. If the traffic to gmail is allow then WSA will not need to display any of its own notification.


I am suspecting that the traffics to gmail are not fully allow and some domains that gmail is using might be set to block/warning, etc.

What is the accesslogs from WSA shows you?


Best Regards

Handy Putra

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