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Community Ask me Anything: How to Use Webex Meetings

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This topic is a chance to discuss more about  Webex Meetings regarding installation, configuration, implementation, use, and integration with other applications. Learn the best practices to make the most of the tool, as well as the best practices to troubleshoot its common issuess.

This forum event works well as an introduction for those who are not familiar with the tool and have recently started to use it.

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Ask questions from Friday, March 20 to Friday, April 8, 2020

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angelihe.jpgAngelica Hernandez Becerra is a Designated Service Manager in the High Value Services / Premium Support Team for Collaboration and Cloud Collaboration. She specializes in Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, and Jabber. Before Cisco, she worked for the Trade Commission of Mexico in Toronto, Canada, Promexico and Avaya. Angelica holds a bachelor’s degree in international business and an ITIL foundation v3 certification.

luis.jpgLuis Gomez Rocandio is a Designated Service Manager in the High Value Services / Premium Support Team for Collaboration and Cloud Collaboration. He specializes in collaboration solutions such as Webex, video devices, and Jabber. He has worked at Cisco for 11 years. Before joining Cisco, he worked at Dell as a Regional Coordinator and at Hewlett Packard in the administrative area. Luis has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a diploma in business management. He holds Social Selling and Cisco Cloud Fundamentals certifications.

cnuche.jpgChristian Nuche is a Designated Service Manager and Technical Expert in the High Value Services / Premium Support Team for Collaboration and Cloud Collaboration. He has 17 years of experience in the IT industry, particularly in collaboration technologies. He has been collaborating with Cisco for 15 years in different Collaboration and Unified Communication teams on diverse roles, which include Tech Lead roles, and he has collaborated in the Plan, Design and Implementation (PDI) team as well. Christian is an author of and Cisco Community technical documents, and he is a Technical Reviewer and Subject Matter Expert for Cisco Certifications.
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Hi, how to we lock all participants from sharing their webcam & audio? We turned off “anyone can share” and turned on “mute on entry” and “mute all” but we still see people accidentally displaying their screens and talking as they log in. It may just be people using internet & computer for sound & calling, not sure. 
Also, is there a set of instructions we can share with participants that includes screen captures of icons and setup screens to show them not to share microphone or camera? Thanks 

You can create a personalized session and assign it. You need to go to control Hub > Meetings > Webex URL > Configure Site > Common Settings > Session Type

In this menu you can remove the video option and other functions that you would like to clock from all the attendees. When you complete to modify the list, you click on “Save”, you must assign the name of this kind of session.


Go to your user list, assign the new session type and disable the predetermined settings.



Thanks a bunch for your time. I will give this a try. May the Lord bless you and your family and keep you all in good health. Thanks for all you do!

Mine is a different issue. I am into a project that needs to use a complaint and response mechanism, in a low Internet network setting. I want a Cisco system or application that can integrate a SMS to email or web services or can WebEx take care of this?



Webex can send email to invite someone, but it does not send SMS by default, however, there are 3rd party services that can transform email-to-sms and vice-versa, please notice that Webex have not been tested with any of those.


I google it and found this:


Now regarding the Web services integration, there are some integration already available for Webex, see:


Now, basically anything not on that doc would be considered a custom integration, and you may create your own customized integration using the REST API or XML API, here is the developer site for Webex, and the API specific sites:


main developer site







*** NOTE: Please notice the Cisco TAC does NOT support any custom integrations, in order to get support for your custom integration you require a developer support contract, or you may post a question on the main developer site ***



Hope this helps.





It's not working for me.

I've created a session type and unchecked the Video option.

Then I've assigned this type of session to one of our host users.

Then we try to plan a meeting under that type of session, but the assistants are still able to connect their video on that meeting.

Am I doing anything wrong?


I have Event Center, Support Center and Meeting Center.  Is there document that Cisco has that talks to the appropriate use case for each one.  I have over 1800 workers that have been displaced and are working from home.  Trying to educate them on what type of meeting to host depending on the meeting agenda and participant size.  Anything you have would be helpful.




Here is a good comparison doc:


Some general rules:

* Anything beyond 1000 attendees must be Webex Events (you could use the broadcast feature)

* If this is a 1:1 or a small group you can use Personal Rooms (if enabled)

* If these are general meetings with less than 1000 attendees you can use Webex Meetings

* If you need one of the special features of Webex, then choose the type of meeting that include that feature, (for example, if you need a 'hands on lab' you need to choose Webex Training, see the special features list on the comparison doc)




Cisco Moderador
Community Manager


Could you please help me with a tutorial that explains how to activate the Webex account, I received an authorization few minutes ago but I don’t know how to activate the “meetings” option.
Should I configure something? What steps I need to follow?


Note: This question is a translation of a post originally created in Spanish by linaf211. It has been translated by Cisco Community to share the inquiry and its solution in different languages.



Here is a document that shows the process, if this is a free account:


If this is not what you were looking for, please elaborate.




In the following link, you can easily download the Webex Meeting or Teams desktop app. Also, you can find them for mobile devices as well in the different app stores. Please follow the install process and steps that the app indicates you

Please contact us if you have further questions.

Thanks, everything is fine.


[Note: This question is a translation of a post originally created in Spanish by linaf211. It has been translated by Cisco Community to share the inquiry and its solution in different languages.]


Hi there, I work as a scheduler and couldn't find an answer online - is it possible to schedule simultaneous Webex Meetings? I am not taking part in any of the meetings, just setting up and inviting attendees. Each meeting would have alternate hosts set and do not have the same attendees. 

Thanks for your help!


Cisco Employee


Sure you can, you can do this either on your Webex home page or via Outlook (you must have installed the Outlook plugin / productivity tools in order to use Outlook to schedule Webex meetings)

On Outlook you may see that there is a conflict, but if you just ignore that, there would be no issues.




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