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Community Ask me Anything: How to Use Webex Meetings

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This topic is a chance to discuss more about  Webex Meetings regarding installation, configuration, implementation, use, and integration with other applications. Learn the best practices to make the most of the tool, as well as the best practices to troubleshoot its common issuess.

This forum event works well as an introduction for those who are not familiar with the tool and have recently started to use it.

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Ask questions from Friday, March 20 to Friday, April 8, 2020

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cnuche.jpgChristian Nuche is a Designated Service Manager and Technical Expert in the High Value Services / Premium Support Team for Collaboration and Cloud Collaboration. He has 17 years of experience in the IT industry, particularly in collaboration technologies. He has been collaborating with Cisco for 15 years in different Collaboration and Unified Communication teams on diverse roles, which include Tech Lead roles, and he has collaborated in the Plan, Design and Implementation (PDI) team as well. Christian is an author of and Cisco Community technical documents, and he is a Technical Reviewer and Subject Matter Expert for Cisco Certifications.
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We use WebEx as our conferencing tool at our college. I have a theater instructor that would like to have groups of students perform via Webex. She would like to have 6 students onscreen at the same time while the other students watch. She only wants the 6 students who are performing to be seen on the screen, with the rest of the screens not showing during the performance. 


Can this be done via WebEx? Hope this makes sense.


Thank you.


This sounds like a useful feature, I'll raise an enhancement request for it.

Now, the host can manually stop the video of the participants, (on the participant list, right click on the participant name, and click on 'Stop video'), so this could be done manually, however they can manually start their video again, currently there is no way to block some participants video and enable just a few of them.

You can also select what participant you want to 'lock' the video from.


Hope this helps.



Thank you!


Can I limit a poll to only certain participants?

We have only 12 voting members and the rest do not need to respond or be counted in the poll results.



Unfortunately no, the poll will be displayed to all attendees.

As a workaround you could create a 'Webex Teams Space' with only the participants you are interested on and create a poll on that Teams space.






I work in law enforcement and we are exploring Webex to facilitate online interviews confidential in nature.


Some interviews take place with an interviewer and an interviewee with other observers when operating normally.  


Questions that have arisen:

1) Is there a way to lock the two video feeds (interviewer and interviewee), with the remaining participants hidden but able to chat only with the interviewer?
-We need the interviewee to only have access to the interviewer and NOT the other participants.
-The interviewee cannot see the chat from the other participants.
2)  If that is not possible, is there a way that the interviewer can "lock" the interviewee out of the meeting temporarily to consult with the other members of the meeting, and then re-enter the interview with the interviewee?
3) Is it possible to record only the interviewee and the interviewer, and not the remaining participants?
Thank you in advance.


once the 2 members are into the session the host can lock the video of the attendee


The other tip will be to select the video layout, pick the grid view, see following screenshot

In this way interview will see both videos at the same time


The other option is to lock the meeting, this will avoid that next person jump into the session


Recorder option is at the bottom of the meeting, you can save recording in your computer or cloud. This selection can be made on the metting menu



Thank you!

When recording, is there any way to record what the host sees? We need the recording to be of two participants, regardless of who is talking. Currently the recorded video either shows only one pinned participant, or it bounces back and forth between whomever is talking.

Ideally, we need it to record the two participants concurrently.

recording will cover all the content shared by host


I did a test and sending video from 2 participants recording covers both at the same time. You can choose how can keep both participants into the same screen in site admin >Common Settings > active speaker


Also review following link to customize your recording:

Please review attached screenshot. If you need to run a test send me an email






When you record a Webex Meeting, the final recording will allow you to see the participants list, video (in case participants active it) and what is presented during the session.


If you are not presenting during the Webex meeting, it will only show who is talking at the moment.

For more information on how to record and access to the recordings, please take a look at the following article:



Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Webex Meetings up to 1000

Webex Events up to 3000


Here is a comparison doc:





How can I retrieve a meetings chat for a user of my system. i login as Admin but do not see the reports tab on left panel of page to start the process below.

Site Administrators only

To access session chat logs:

  1. Log in to your Webex Site Administration page. 
  2. Click Reports in the left navigation bar.
  3. Click Webex Support > CSR Activity.
  4. Specify search options.
  5. Click the Display Report button.
  6. To the right of the CSR's name, click the number displayed in the No. of sessions column.
  7. Click the session ID link you would like to view chat logs for.

    The chat will be viewable in the Chat Log section.

    Note: The chat log can be exported by clicking the Export button.


What type of meeting was that? That is for a "Webex Support" session.

If this was a "Webex Meeting" type of meeting, or personal room, the host has to save the chat before ending the meeting.

Finally, this document refers to the 'legacy' Admin portal, the 'Webex Administration', not the 'Control Hub' Admin portal.



how many end users can join for one webex meeting at a time ?

Here is the only info I have regarding this issue.


Hi.  I would like to see the chat log for the meeting I had yesterday to followup on any questions posted.  I looked online and it appears that only the site admin has access to the chat logs 

Would it be possible for me to get a copy for the following meeting:
Jason Siko's Personal Room-20200401 1805-1



The chats on Webex Meetings are not saved. For that you need to save information before end the meeting


You can find a reports about attendees,recordings and meetings


If you recorded the session you can obtain from there chats





How can I restrict meeting participants to those logged in with an invited email? The documentation says to use site administration, but it looks like I don't have access (I'm on a free account)

You have to use one of those subscription account in order to gain access to the site administration option

if you activated your account from it does not have site admin privileges


If a partner granted the account those versions has Admin Control Hub




What you can do is to create your meeting with a password and set the email invite to not send the password on the invite, you can provide the password on a separate communication, if someone that have not been invited somehow gets the meeting link and the password, you as a host can expel or move to the loby any participant on the meeting and then lock the meeting, so nobody else can join the meeting. See:






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