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Webex backgrounds

We have a faculty member asking to change the background in his webex video from his laptop.  From what I can find, the only client that supports this is the iPhone client.  Before I close the ticket, I wanted to see if anyone else has found a spot to allow this feature or if it truly is not available.




Re: Webex backgrounds

Hi callen,

this has been asked several times recently.
Sadly Webex does not (yet?) support this feature on all platforms
but I guess it will be coming soon since...

1. it´s requested many times
2. it´s available at competitive products

3. Cisco is proud if its face-recognition, people-counter etc. of its room-devices..
why should they fail on a feature others already have..

possible work-around:

use a software that grabs the live-image from the cam, alters it (e.g. changing background etc.) and offers it as a "virtual" webcam to other software like webex. Logitech does the same with its "Logitech Capture" software.

perhaps you want to take a closer look at those tools (but I have never used them...) :

and regarding this forum:

It seems to me, that no Cisco-employees are reading here (besides the forum-admins und -moderators);
seems to be a true "community"-Forum... just us, the users..

kind regards


Re: Webex backgrounds


Microsoft Teams and Zoom both offer this. I'd recommend switching providers until it's fixed. My company has both Webex and Teams, and I am taking all calls on Teams for now. Since we have both, I see us dropping Webex, as people are preferring Teams. 


Re: Webex backgrounds

I really wonder if this "hype" regarding the background-blurring etc.. is possibly a cultural thing?

Since I - as a european - have never seen blurring etc. being used in "real life"; not even in the media 

when someone is interviewed via videoconferencing software.

"My company has both Webex and Teams..."
Webex- ...what? Webex-Meetings? Webex-Teams? Webex-Event? 
Just to point out that there is more "teams" out there than just the usability-nightmare called "Microsoft Teams"
to which you seem to refer to in your posting..


Re: Webex backgrounds

Yeah, might be a cultural thing. I'm at a Fortune 500 firm and I use it on a daily basis with team members, clients, and even social web-meetings. We've all been working from home for two months now, and the blurring/backgrounds can help your home setup look more professional when you're really in a small city apartment. I'm not sure why you/your firm isn't using it. It is very common for my company's European offices to use during video meetings as well. So much so, that people have started requesting to switch from Webex to other providers. Since Microsoft Teams has the same functionality, is free with Microsoft360, and includes the backgrounds, it has become our firms default. I have both Webex and Teams installed on my outlook, so I can create a meeting in either through my outlook calendar. I've been going with Teams over Webex strictly for the blurring/background. 

Cisco Employee

Re: Webex backgrounds

Vote here  - Virtual background for Webex on Windows

Note status as Planned


Re: Webex backgrounds

Thanks Ashish, I voted. It appears it to be the most popular request. Only 182 votes, but there are MANY more that haven't navigated this comment thread to vote. Glad to see it's planned, but like many of the comments are asking, is there an ETA?

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Re: Webex backgrounds

This is already being considered, and people can vote for it here:



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