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WebEx Blast dial

I built a Blast Dial group in WebEx, only issue is it will only blast dial 3 users at a time.  I discovered it was because of how many licenses we have on the WebEX.  I guess only having 50 licenses will only let you blast dial 3 users at a time, when one picks up, it will call the next user in the blast dial group.  I can't find a document that shows how many licenses are required to dial x amount of callers at a time.  I do believe 250 licenses will let you blast dial 10 users at a time.  Anyone have any information on this or how many licenses will let you blast dial so many users?  Any help is appreciated.

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Vaijanath Sonvane
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


I do not think the information you looking for is easily available. I would recommend to open Cisco TAC case.



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Thanks, Vaijanath S.