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Webex Teams Status not visible

My company is working with Webex Teams since a few days to ensure effective working in Home Office.


I installed Webex Teams App on my laptop.

Even though i activated"Availability and Status shown" under  settings i cant see any status informations of my colleagues. 

Just like that theycant see my Status.


All other people in my company can see each others status.




Uninstalled and reinstalled still the issue persists. Any solution please?
Ratheesh Kumar

Hi there


Try clearing up the cache


Hope this Helps

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I just tried this and it doesn't work. I have colleagues for which I see the status, others I don't and they don't see mine either... very strange. 

First, ensure that you have the option enabled in your settings: Settings -> General -> Show availability and statuses


If that's already set, try resetting the local database: Help -> Health Checker -> Reset Database


If THAT doesn't help, try from the web client: 


If you don't see statuses from there, you may have a bigger account issue and should reach out to Webex support, or your local IT department.


One other note, you will never see the statuses of people who are not part of the same Webex organization as you. If you have other team members who have accounts hosted on a different Webex site, you will not see their status and they will not see yours. 

Thanks for your help! I did check the "show availability" box, so did my colleagues. They are all from the same organization, but it seems they connected to Teams before having their complete webex account setup. So now, even if they have a webex account within our organization, we still can't see each other's statuses. It is very strange. We'll try resetting databases as you suggest, hope it does the trick!



not sure if you did reset the local databse. I did try that but still no luck.

if the reason is because of same organization, my question is where and how I can check this consistence and if not how I can get it changed/aligned ?

Was your account set up by an IT admin? I would start there as they would be familiar with the setup. If you have individual accounts, not managed by your organization, then presence info may not be available, but I’m not sure.

Sooo, we're onto something. All of the colleagues from whom I see the satus had their webex account by IT admins prior to installing webex teams. The ones that I don't see have installed webex teams prior to having their account fully setup by IT. It is as if creating an account on webex teams prior to having a company account prevents it to connect to the company network aferward. They are in communication with Webex techs to try and figure out how to connect their teams account to their webex account. Not sure if that makes sense, but even the techs seem lost! 

My advice: make sure everyone on your team has webex accounts setup my company IT prior to first logging in to webex teams. That's the way to go. 

Good luck!

We had a case for one of our members, and this procedure solved the issue. 

Clearing local cache only helped partially. But the issue still persists as many user's status is still not showing.

We have already a case running regarding that. Cisco BU is working with high pressure on a solution. Last feedback was that they are creating an internal test setup to reproduce the issue. An additional case would help that they maybe get more information.
Sebastian Leuser
Rising star

The status was deactivated as default and has to be enabled from the user manually. The org had the requirement that the presence status is for the users opt-in and not opt-out

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