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Auto Attendant - Time Conditions


Hey everyone, we changed over to Webex Calling this past month and lost a feature we use to have. We could create dates and times to play different auto attendant messages i.e. holidays, all employee company meetings, events we are hosting and we were not limited to a 2 recordings (Business Hours and Afterhours). I've been told that we need to record over our Business Hours and Afterhours message to achieve this during the windows that we need the time dependent messages to play. Can anyone think of a way to get this set up to avoid having to rerecord our standard messages whenever we have a holiday or luncheon?



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I think you are on the right path. You really are just programming a standby AA that you can adhoc your greeting on. When it time for you special holiday or luncheon, just use the Call Forwarding option on the regular AA and send all calls to the standby AA

That's what I've suggested above

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Yep, there are some features missing when migrating from an on-prem solution. Lots of them are known to PM. Personally, I think it's hard to compare a whole on-prem solution like UCUM (or any other) that has been there for decades and a cloud-based solution. For the on-prem solution, it is much easier to implement customer-specific stuff than for a cloud solution. There are platform specific configurations that cannot be changed in WxC as it would affect all customers -- in an on-prem solution its much easier to do so as you are the only customer on the system..


Back to your question: What about a second AA with the same schedule. That second one is updated with your specific announcements. In case they should be played, configure a CFA from the first AA to the second one.

Yeah, it's a workaround, but maybe easier than re-record/re-upload your default messages after the special event..

We were not on an on premise solution before our change over, and it was standard out of the box functionality from our old system. 


That could work more for our holidays than one off events, since we have 2 standard messages during and after business hours, so outside our times it would forward to the other auto attendant which would look like something below.


AA1 - Business Hours 9AM-5PM Standard Message

AA1 - After Hours - 5PM-9AM Forward to AA2

AA1 - Holiday Schedule changes the daytime calls to After Hours and into AA2


AA2 - Business Hours - 5PM-9AM - Standard After Hours Message

AA2 - After Hours - Scheduled Via the Holiday AA - Holiday Message

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