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Webex Group Call Management - Supervisor Portal and Reporting


Our enterprise is in the midst of planning our transition to the Webex Calling platform from on-prem UCM + UCCX. Currently we have approximately 150 users in UCCX, we're set to transition roughly 100 of them to Webex Contact Center. For the remaining 50, we're exploring Group Call Management. I've gone in and set up the design for calls, group voicemails, and auto attendants; it's a fairly easy system to navigate. We've moved one team over this week to give ourselves a test run on the platform but there's a few quirks that we're running into. The biggest two revolve around supervisor functions, call/queue reporting, and agent statusing. I've combed through the Collab Knowledge Base (Webex Calling - unique Group Call Management capabilities - Cisco Community) but can't find the answers to what I'm looking for.

Based on a previously answered post I'm aware that that supervisory functions can be handled on a MPP where the agent's lines are assigned to the phone. In our environment, we have a number of users who are only configured for the Webex app due to remote work. Is there some sort of supervisor portal that the queue supervisors can log into to see items stuch as who's in the queue, what status they are in, how many calls are in queue, etc.? Control Hub has a live queue view under Reporting but that is only accessible to admins; we're looking at having eight or so supervisors and do not want to extend the Support Admin role in CH to anyone if we can avoid it. A number of the teams that will be moving to GCM use call stats as a part of their performance plans, so we're looking for a way to provide them access to stats without having to have a CH admin pull them for the users.

The testing agents have also vocalized issues with statusing within the Webex app. Currently, their queue is set to route calls in a circular manner and bounce them to another rep after three rings. If an agent doesn't answer a call or manually declines the call, their status remains as available and the call eventually circles back to them repeatedly until someone answers. On UCCX our agents were configured to shift into an "Unavailable" status if a call wasn't answered; is this an option in GCM as well? I don't see any sort of CTI integration so I'm doubtful.

Any help or direction is appreciated. Thanks.

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Ben Myslenski

Hey our company is specialized in webex calling and i'd be happy to look at it for free and see if I can help. my email is Probably something simple in control hub.

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