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Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) platform not available on Cisco Desk

hatem elhoushy
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I have Cisco Desk (Not Pro) with version RoomOS 11.13, I tried to change the Platform to Microsoft Teams, but after checking computability  it seems that cisco support most of webex devices except Cisco Desk. 

Is there anyway or news when cisco will support? or anyway manual to enable it?

I used this video as a guide : 



Turn your Webex Cisco devices (Board Pro, Room Kit Pro, Desk Pro) into a Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) and create a personal Teams video conferencing device! Best part is that I did this for myself for FREE. I'll show you the exact steps I took both on the Cisco & Microsoft side, so you can follow ...
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Level 7

It's not supported on the Desk Mini either. It's my impression those devices don't have enough "horsepower" to support it. There's no manual way to enable it - perhaps someone from Cisco can comment on whether it's on the roadmap, but from my experience when I was at Cisco, my guess is it's not on the roadmap.