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Room Bar missing ADD call feature -


Room Bar missing ADD call feature - On Prem registered has No ability to ADD a voice call to active call . It is available when registered to CH cloud. Is this feature only available as cloud registered for Room Bar ?


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A CUCM registered endpoint should have an ad-hoc conference call option. I’m not sitting in front of one right now but do not recall it being called Add; it’s probably Conference. Also, the endpoint cannot bridge different call types together. The initial call leg must be a CUCM call - not a Webex call (Locus), if using Edge for Devices / cloud-aware - for you to add another call leg. The conference will be audio-only unless CUCM has a video capable conference bridge, eg CMS.

Correct! All kit series except the new Room Bar works as expected with the ADD button, to add an Audio only call to an existing video call. In our environment this goes out via CUCM voice clusters. When registered On Prem, as all other production devices, the Bar does not have this button. When registered to CH cloud, the button appears.

Do any of the other mid-call buttons (e.g. Transfer) appear? If not, see if xConfiguration UserInterface Features Call MidCallControls is set to hidden for some reason. If it's just the Add button, maybe take a look at xConfiguration Conference Multipoint Mode; is it the same on the Room Bar and another working endpoint?

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