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call forwarding of the queue on their mobile


I would like users to be able to activate call forwarding of the queue on their mobile when they are on call the night. For now I have the impression that we had to go through Webex App Hub as admin to do this. I would like my users to be autonomous. So is there a way? and if the only way is to go through an API Integration, how to do it (because I really don't know anything about it)?

Thanks in advance,

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Jeff Marshall
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If this is in regards to handling forwarding for a Webex Calling queue then only an admin can do it. There is an API for updating it but it requires an access token that belongs to an admin. See:

If this is in regards for queues in Webex Contact Center then that is handled by a different team, the following link shows how you can get support Webex Contact Center APIs. See:

And the access token has always a limited-duration ? 

Yes it's about "to handling forwarding for a Webex Calling queue". Your link doesn't work but I think you mean this link : . Unfortunately that's what I thought, a user can't transfer the call to his phone on his own :'(

Only an admin would be able to do that. As a possible work around you could build some type of page that your users browse to then on the backend it uses an admin token to authenticate the API request.

I'm doing this. But the problem is that I will have to change the admin token in the code every 12 hours?

Not if you use an integration to generate your access token. You can authorize with an integration one time to get your initial access token and your refresh token and then going forward use the refresh token to programmatically generate new access tokens. The access token generated by an integration is valid for 14 days and the refresh token for 90 days. However, each time the refresh token is used to generate a new access token the expiry timer on the refresh token is reset back to 90 days so if you're using the refresh token once ever 14 days to generate a new access token then the refresh token will never expire and you'll never have to manually go through the OAuth flow again.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


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