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where has the meeting chat window gone to?

Since the last update to webex meetings, I am stuck in webex teams, and now, when in a meeting, I don't see the chats anymore...




Same here, when starting a meeting using the new Webex app, the controls within the meeting are different. You cannot see an option to turn on chat nor do you see chat from users in the meeting. This has essentially made this update unusable for me. 

Would be great if meeting controls were the same as Webex Meetings. 


I've been struggling with this too. Tried all sorts things. Didn't matter where I logged in from - my desktop app, my link on my calendar, or from the WebEx site, but NO CHAT.  I can't remember how I stumbled upon it, but I installed the 64 bit desktop app.  Bam, back to the old controls.  Chat is back, and when I am starting a meetings, all my old controls are back at the top of my screen.


Update.  My computer just updated and it reloaded the 'new' one. Ugh. Was able to reload my preferred desktop app by going into WebEx via my computer, and clicking on support. The desktop app can be loaded from there.


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perhaps the meeting-host missed to check these boxes?

Thank you for your answer, but no, unfortunately that is not the problem. Others were using chat to communicate. Only when you log on to the meeting using the webex desktop tool, you do not see the chatroom. Logging off and then using the webex hyperlink and the browser to log on, the chat is there

 Yesss Exactly same problem faced by me.


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@terwisga , @Kenneth.LaMonte , this is probably related to the fact that the "Full Meetings Experience" is not enabled in your Webex (Teams) app. This feature can be enabled on an opt-in basis (in case you meet a certain number of requirements).

Do you (or your Webex admin) know who your CSM (Customer Success Manager) would be? Best is to reach out to him/her in order to discuss the possibility to enable the Meetings experience for your organization.

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I really have no idea who that would be in our organization, but I will let the support desk know and maybe they can do something.




We have the same issue but only on our Mac clients, Windows client seem to work just fine. However, the Windows Clients also lost the Screen Control options when using the new client. 




I have a private old Imac with which Webex Meetings until March 2021 was working great. Now Webex Meetings doesn't work anymore.
Now I try to use, but I cannot see the chat function. In meetings, it was next to participants (deelnemers), but in Webex app it is not showing. I also looked into Webex teams, but didn't see the option "Full Meetings Experience". I am stuck.

Where is the chat function in the webex-app? Thanks for your update in advance, Greetings, Martijn

My Windows-Client of Webex (Version displays the button to show/hide the chat-area here (bottom-right):
(perhaps this looks differently in a meeting with 3+ participants?)

The "full meeting experience" refers to the fact that Webex-Meetings and Webex-Meetings-meetings (??) do not yet offer an identical feature-set by default.
You (your IT-management) may contact Cisco to manually enable the "full meeting experience" when using the "new Webex"-Client. (note: this is not yet possible for free Webex-Accounts).

Same problem.



Nope I don't see it either.


My old client had it.


and I got rid of the old client because my recent personal rooms showed a list of people I hadn't worked with in years and I couldn't figure out how to get the most recent list of people there. WebEx is not associated to any of my mail applications so no association to my contacts.


I have that question too, but when I redownload the app for macOS (Intel chip) intel version then I see the chat button on meeting room in the lower left corner, and solved the problem. 

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