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WLC QoS - WLAN QoS Parameters / Wired QoS Protocol


I would have a question about the QoS in a Wireless environment

Based on this configuration page example:

I'm not sure to understand the difference between the WLAN QoS Parameters and the Wired QoS Protocol.

I read this about it:

"WLAN Maximum Priority—The highest DSCP marking value that may be used on the WLAN; this value can override AVC policies as well DSCP-values received from the wired network."

"Wired QoS Protocol—Can be set to 802.1p and the maximum CoS value can be defined per WLAN."

As far as I understood, the two parameters is used to define the maximum Priority of the packets.

What are the difference between these two parameters ? If the two are configured, with one higher to the other, which of them will be applicable ?

Example, a wireless frame arriving with WMM AC_VO (IEEE 802.11e UP 6, DSCP EF), and the WLAN QoS Parameters Maximum Priority is set as Video (so maximum DSCP AF41), and Wired QoS Protocol 802.1P Tag as 5 (so DSCP EF), do the frame will be kept at EF or the frame will be re-marked at AF41 defined by the Video maximum priority ?


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