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Recently I upgraded wlc 2504 to version 8.5.  My new ap2802i version 8.4 will not join.  With my old version of wlc 7.6 I could see the access points attempting to join, but now I see nothing.  Could I have a conflict with versions of software?   So ...

Hi All,   I am not sure this is the appropriate place to report a bug, but I haven't found any better forum.   I use Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 4.4.02039 along with its Network Access Manager module. I use Windows 7 64 bit's in-built PPP...

JohnGuest by Level 1
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Hi,          My company provided me an AIR-OEAP602I-E-K9 office extend, when I connect it to a ADSL router (friend of mine), ALL is good, I see my company Wireless network at home and I can connect.     When I plug it on my TP-LINK MR200 4G LTE route...

philoutch by Level 1
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Hello, I'm using 8.5.131 and I can't figure out how to block clients from joining a WLAN for specific time and day. I created an ACL that denies everything inbound and outbound. Then I create a local policy and just set the ACl, the time and days and...

momo33 by Level 1
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