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Pleasant travel experience using CMX Queue Analytics

Cisco Employee

According to TSA in its 2015 Year in Review, 708 million passengers—nearly 41 million more than in 2014—were screened at U.S. airports in 2015. So lines are becoming longer than ever and so are wait times. At the same time, the number of flyers has been growing, leading to waiting lines that sometimes extend out the doors of the terminals at airports like Seattle, Atlanta and Minneapolis/St. Paul.


Longer wait time spell trouble for Airports and Cisco CMX 10.2.2 Queue Time Analytics is available just in time to solve their problem. It helps the airport to see how passengers move through the terminal so they can understand and improve the travel experience.

The queue analytics feature provides a breakdown of the average time spent in a queue. The feature allows Airport officials to select a queue start area and one or more queue end areas, producing the average time taken for mobile devices to move from the queue start area to one of the queue end areas broken down by 15 minutes, hour, day, week, month or year.


The data helps Airports better plan staffing patterns and can give warning pro-actively if areas in the terminal are becoming congested based on historical data, so staff can prevent bottlenecks to ultimately reduce processing times.

From a passenger perspective, the Cisco CMX 10.2.2 Queue Time Analytics also allows the airport to display accurate queue wait times on screens and on the airport’s website, helping the traveler by reducing frustration and enjoying a more stress-free and pleasant transit experience.

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