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How to avoid a join request with two AP? how to have two independent controller? (both use Mobility Express)

Hi to all,


I'm just receive a second AP 1852e, so i have two AP 1852e.

I would like to use these two AP with the same SSID in my house and automatically switch from one AP to other without depending on which one is closest (without manipulation), both AP are plugged on the same LAN.


The last AP to boot is sending a join request to join another AP, when the second AP is joining the other AP, i was no more able to manage it from CLI, i have Username: prompt instead of User: and i didn't have web interface IP address to manage the second.

In this case, the last AP with username prompt can only be accesed with default password (username : Cisco, password : Cisco), which is very annoying to setup each one.


I dunno if it's a normal behavior, but i find it very annoying to not be able to manage it properly from CLI or web interface.

In fact, i didn't understand why it try do that all time.


I precise that i am not interested by Primary Controller or Prefered Master feature, i just need to have two AP in Autonomous mode 


I try to clear the user defined priority from an AP with following command, but it didn't avoid join:


Cisco Controller) >clear ap next-preferred-master 

Is there a way to have two independent controller ? How can i avoid this join ?

If it's possible, will not it be a problem with the operation I want?


Best Regards.

Cisco Employee

Re: How to avoid a join request with two AP? how to have two independent controller? (both use Mobility Express)

If AP already joined the ME, it must have an ip address.

You can use this ip address to manage the AP (telnet/ssh).


You can use "config ap telnet" or "config ap ssh" enable telnet/ssh.


If you are not satisfied with the default username and password,

you can use "config ap mgmtuser add" to change the AP username and password.


If you want two separate MEs, then you can isolate them with VLANs.

But I don't think this is a good idea, especially if you want to use same SSID.

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