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Managing credentials in BYOD environment

Scenario: An_Exec01 has some number N of personal devices (where N may be up to a half dozen) connecting to a BYOD wireless network and authenticating via Active Directory credentials. All is well for 90 days. Now it’s password change time. User logs onto his domain desktop, gets the notice to change his password, and does so… and 5 minutes later, Exchange is kicking him out because his wireless devices have gotten his account locked out. In order to recover, he needs to forget the BYOD wlan on each of his personal devices, then reset his password, then re-add the wlan on each device. He needs to do this every time his password expires. He doesn’t like this and thinks the IT department is the devil.

Is there a good way to manage the authentication ecosystem so that password change cycles don't result in repeatedly locked accounts? I certainly don't want to issue users separate accounts for each device they want to bring.

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Managing credentials in BYOD environment

it's one of the dangers to BYOD.....The best way to manage this is education(unless you are ready for MDM).

Granted that can be a bigger pain in the buttocks than working around it.

What I tell people(having had this happen to me a couple of times) is when it's time to change your password

1.) Make sure you have all your devices with you

2.) disable the wireless on everything

3.) change password via your laptop

4.) enable one device, and go change the password there < rinse repeat for subsequent devices.

Now, when the company I was working for moved to a MDM, the issue went away on my phone and tablet, as the mail settings were controlled by the MDM, so when i changed my password, it pushed to my other devices.


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