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Hi,I am trying to add the JPEG format map into WCS but unfortunately getting some doubts about area calculation while adding .... I have map with area mentioned on it but when we add the map into WCS , we need to put length and breadth and automatica...

I have APs (1522 model) that change their name frequently to the default name.at random times I can find some APs with their default name. I change the name to the correct one but the issue is still happening wih many APs.I am not even able to rememb...

I am working on deployment with over 600 3502i APs. The client device chosen for voice on this network is the Ascom I62. This device does not like to roam to APs using UNII-2 channels 52 - 64. I have removed these channels from the channel plan on...

fb_webuser by Frequent Contributor
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hi alli got a Cisco aironet 1131g  (air-lap1131g-e-k9)i want to (if poss) change it to a stand alone unit as i dont have a controllerin flash ..Directory of flash:/    2  -rwx         164  Jan 01 1970 00:00:34 +00:00  env_vars    4  drwx         128 ...

Afraser57 by Beginner
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I am looking for a document from Cisco that shows the tolerance when using the 12vdc power option. I know that for the 1522, the tolerance for 12vdc is +/- 0.5%. Is it the same for the 1552 APs?Any help will be appreciatedThanks

Dear Tech Gurus,       Can any one help me regarding channel assignament at root and mesh access points.will the channel be same on all RAPS and MAPS (5Ghz). With Regards,Chaitanya.G

Resolved! Guest Vlan

Hi I have been told to configure Guest VLAN on WLC 5508 and ensuring no access to LAN network while connected to Guest Vlan. I am looking for best practises in configuring the DHCP for guest vlanthe security paramenter for authentication, the vlan co...

I have turned on the aaa command authorization without applying adequate privileges to the user. I can now login through that user but the ASA 5510 displays an error :ASA5510# show runERROR: % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.ERROR: Command autho...

fb_webuser by Frequent Contributor
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The AP is connected to the WLC but keeps taking it's Raodio Down. As suggested I have played with the PoE settings to no avail.....Wed Feb 1 18:30:36 2012AP's Interface:0(802.11b) Operation State Down: Base Radio MAC:e8:ba:70:93:81:60 Cause=Radio int...

If the nomenclature is x:y:z, where x = transmitters, y = receivers, and z = spatial streams, and the 1262 is 2:3:2 (two TX, three RX, 2 streams), then what is a 3602 ?I've seen both 4:4:3 and 3:4:3.  Are there three or 4 transmitters ?  I get there ...

maross by Beginner
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I have a client that wants a wireless solution that will deny the entire domain machine (Laptops and co) within their organization access to the WLAN and permit only personal WLAN devices brought in by employees using thier domain username and passwo...

get2dapsy by Beginner
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