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Can Aironets 2600 work without controllers?


So I am having an issue That i think is not easy to solve.  I have a brand new out of the box AIR-CAP2602i-A-K9.  ...and thats all I have! lol i do not have controllers nor any other cisco equipment. (Except some security device but i dont think its relevant here) I was told i was able to use these without needing to spend a gazillion $$$ on a controller.  I have tried to connect directly through web but by reading another post now I know after 2 years that it is not possible.  When I connect to my network it blinks blue and green and then stays steady green.  I have not been able to access it nor configure it in any way shape or form.  I am pretty tech savvy but when it comes to cisco stuff I am not too familiar.  Is there any way I can get these going without a controller? I have 2 of them.  I am also running FIOS 300mb internet which I would like to connect these devices to.  Would love some help/advice! Thank you!

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Moin Ilyas

Currently it is controller based. Please refer to the following link for converting it to Autonomous Mode.

excellent!  Any idea where I can get the software free?  Without Cisco restrictions?

How can I console into it?  I have a power injector to power it.

Please check if this helps.

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