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WAP150 experience problem when VAP is added

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Good afternoon All,

According to the Administartion Guide , WAP150 supports up to four VAPs.

I have added three VAPs: 2(2,4GHz) and 1(5GHz) and in this scenario everything works fine.

However,I have tried to create three VAPs of 2,4GHz  and one VAP(5GHz). When I have create the third VAP(2,4GHz) all of the rest networks dissapear. Also the Rogue AP Detection doesn't display or detect any networks.

When attempted to create a second VAP (5GHz) with the same parameters, everything is working perfect.

Is there any requirement or limitation that the VAPs should be a pair of each : 2 VAPs (2,4GHz) and 2(5GHz) ?

Firmware Version:

Many thanks,


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Milan Milanov
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Hello Daniel,

It sounds like a software defect to me, but please try to factory reset the WAP and try again.

If the problem is not fixed by that, please enable the logs and call us at:

so we can open up a ticket and make a remote session in order to determine the root cause of the issue.

Kind regards,

Milan Milanov

Yeah it looks like it is bug. There is a case open about it already.

admin hits
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It's fixed