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1121-G-E-K9 on Cisco 5508 MWAR Payload?

I'm having issues getting a recently converted 1121 AP to join up with a 5508-100.  Take a look at this snip from the debug capwapp events and debug capwapp errors from the controller

*Jul 29 13:53:34.364: 00:1b:53:03:4b:a4 Received LWAPP DISCOVERY REQUEST to 00:2
4:97:69:e2:40 on port '13'
*Jul 29 13:53:34.364: 00:1b:53:03:4b:a4 Successful transmission of LWAPP Discove
ry Response to AP 00:1b:53:03:4b:a4 on port 13

*Jul 29 13:55:10.061: 00:1b:53:03:4b:a4 Join Request does not include required M
WAR_ADDR_PAYLOAD from AP 00:1b:53:03:4b:a4
*Jul 29 13:55:10.062: 00:1b:53:03:4b:a4 Decoding Join Request failed for AP 00:1

On the gui, in join information i can see the AP, but i get a re-wording of the previous MWAR error.  I'ev searched in vain to find any mention of the MWAR payload and what it is and I can only find it mentioned in a patch someone's written for wireshark circa 2007.

I can't get onto the AP as it's never joined and it in a restart loop and is quite a drive away so not very easy just to swap out.  Has anyone else seen anything similar and is there something simple I can do to fix this.

This has happened previously and the fix has seemed to be to prime the AP locally and then deploy onsite, but if there's a less hands-on way then I'm all ears.


Rising star

The 1120 AP will require a SSC.  When you converted the AP did you use the Upgrade Tool?  You will need to convert a 1120 with the upgrade tool so that a SSC is generated.  There is a CSV file that is generated on the PC after the conversion that would have the SSC.  You can also get the SSC hash from "debug pm pki enable" on the controller.  You need to add this hash and the AP's mac address to the AP Authoriztion List on the controller.  Also don't forget to check the box to allow SSC's.

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