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1142N OIDs for 3rd party SNMP software

I need to get the status (up/down) of the interfaces named...

Dot11Radio0 (2.4Ghz)

Dot11Radio1 (5Ghz)

...reason being we think we have some of the old 1142's where the radio is bad and they go into "down" or "disabled" state for no reason, only a reboot seems to bring it back.  I'd like to get an alert if this happens, and can do that in our SNMP monitoring package.

Also curious what the difference is in software down vs. hardware down (red arrow) in the HTTP management page?

Helpful for others...

I've seen similar questions asking for the OID of the number of wireless clients associated to the AP, and I've found that OID is...

ActiveWirelessClients = OID:

I've tried searching OIDs for the radio status, or rather interface status, but am not finding it - please help!

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Here is additional information to help others...

ActiveWirelessClients (for 2.4Ghz radio) = OID:

ActiveWirelessClients (for 5Ghz radio) = OID:

...this will return a number, the number is how many clients are associated

Dot11Radio0 (2.4Ghz) status =  OID:

Dot11Radio1 (5Ghz) status = OID:

...this will return the number "1" if it is working normally, otherwise as follows...

"The current operational state of the interface.

The testing(3) state indicates that no operational packets can be passed.

If ifAdminStatus is down(2) then ifOperStatus should be down(2).

If ifAdminStatus is changed to up(1) then ifOperStatus should change to up(1)

If the interface is ready to transmit and receive network traffic; it should change

to dormant(5) if the interface is waiting for external actions (such as a serial

line waiting for an incoming connection); it should remain in the down(2) state

if and only if there is a fault that prevents it from going to the up(1) state;

it should remain in the notPresent(6) state if the interface has missing

(typically, hardware) components."

Unfortunatly, on both v3 and v6 hardware revisions (according to back sticker) of Autonomous 1142N access points I'm finding that the 2.4Ghz or sometimes 5Ghz radio will randomly go down, for no discernable reason at all :-(  The only thing that brings it back up is to manually go into the GUI and set it to disabled, then enable it again - or reboot the AP by removing power for 10 seconds.

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