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1832 Access point


Dear all,

I just purchase new 1832 access point I need it to work as standalone is it possible ? and how ?

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Philip D'Ath
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Thank you for your replay

now it is working in Mobility Express mode . but how can I keep it work as standalone ( I don't have managed switch)

You don't need a managed switch.  If it is running in standalone Mobility Express mode it will keep working in that mode  - unless you change it.

but how can I make the access point works in standalone Mobility Express mode ?

I didn't see the steps in the link above . if there is any tutorial on YouTube will be much appreciated .

thanks in advance

But you already said "now it is working in Mobility Express mode".  Have you got it running or not?

yes sir it is working in Mobility Express mode but not stand alone

I have 3 1832 access point one of them automatic working as a controller and the other is automatic connected to the controller and overwrite the configuration . it get the configuration from the controller ( the first configured access point ) .  

Is there a reason, for this configuration where you have three access points on the one network, why you don't want them to a single mobility domain?  They are design to work in this way, sharing RF data and calculations.

yasib ahmed

What is the exact part number of your AP(you can find in APs back)??

If it is mobility express then your AP part number must be AIR-AP1832I-X-K9C. If it is only standalone then you can find AIR-AP1832I-X-K9.

By default Mobility Express include both IOS(Standalone & Lightweight). If you are plan to using standalone then delete the express image from AP.

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