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3602 AP Cannot Join 2504 Controller

This is a new setup and has not worked yet. I have multiple 3602 APs and one 2504 Controller. I thought initially I could plug-in an AP into one of two POE Ports on the 2504. During debug mode I see that it has low power, was suprised that the 2504 switch can't fully power the AP? Is this correct? A

Anyways I have another POE switch that I am using with ample power. The configuration for my wireless is that it will be completely segmented off of my internal network as this is for guest access. So DNS servers are external so I cannot create host entries for the AP to discover the controller. With that being said I believe that is just one way for the discovery process to happen. I have my controller management interface and DHCP scope on the controller on the same subnet plugged into the same POE switch. The AP does seem to get a DHCP address and I can ping the controller from the AP. I cannot get any further then that. I will not join the controller and the radios get disabled. I get messages such as "discovery response from MWAR is rejected. I will post a debug log of the AP and its bootup process. Please anyone let me know if they have any ideas. This is new equipment so I would assume the firmware is somewhat up-to-date and the 3602 AP is somewhat the latest model.

Also attached is my Controller config. I will be happy to send any other logs I need to.


Stephen I upgraded the controller and now the APs join. Thanks for the help

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