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7921G Phones sometimes don't ring when got a call.

Hi Everyone

We have a problem.... well... many of them with a 7921G wifi phones.

One of them is

They are some users inside of pick up groups (all of them with 7921 phones). These pick up groups have configured with sound and visual alerts after 12 seconds. But we have a problem sometimes when any of them got a call, the caller can hear the connecting tone but the called phone doesn’t ring (or receive the call). After 12 seconds the others phones inside the group got a pick up group alert because the called phone has not got the call after 12 seconds. But the called phone hasn’t rung at any moment.

Other times the called phone rings after the partners see the pick up alerting means after 12 secons.

Other times the called pick up the phone and caller says "hay man, I have been waiting along time, what are you doing?" and the called sayd "but, the phone has just rung righ now!!"

We've had calls cuts because of covering problems. We are enhanced the convering with more APs, but the ring issue persist. Many times the parner who recive the PK alert is connected to the same AP which is connected the caller who aren't receiving the call. This is crazy

Someone konws why this issue happend?

How can I trobleshoot this? do I have to get traces from the controler o CUCM o phone? It is very dificul to detect because the problem is random.

Thank you

Best regards.

Cisco Employee

Ensure you are using 1.4(3) for the 7921 phones.

If using Cisco WLC, recommend to use or

Open a TAC case if you require assistance troubleshooting this issue.

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Are you using 2.4 or 5 ghz? If 5, what channel? If AP is on a UNII3 channel, try using a UNII1 channel and see if the calls connect.

What model AP are you using?

Is QoS set up end to end for voice and signaling traffic?

I would engage TAC.

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