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802.11k beacon report request on cisco 3504 controller



We have a cisco 3504 controller and client is not CCX compatible 

I want to trigger a beacon request frame from Controller using "test 11k" commands

I could see below supported commands on wlc , I enabled debugging and tried to send the request frame,But I dont see any debug messages logged.

Please can you let me know what Iam missing here or any help on what needs to be enabled on wlan,order of  "test 11k" commands to be issued.


(Cisco Controller) >test 11k

request Simulate 802.11k Basic commands Request
create Simulate dot11 packet Request
rmRequest Set Radio Measurement request Action header Options
send 802.11k Packet Send
lmRequest Set Link Measurement Request
nbrReport Send Neighbor Report Request


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Rafael E
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

what code are you running on the WLC? 


you can use: 

test 11k tsmreq prep <AP mac> 0 <CLI mac>

test 11k packetSend 0


0 means you are using 2.4 GHz radio. 

Rafael - TAC

Hi Rafael,

Thanks for replying

3504 controller software version 8.10

Cisco 3702E are the AP's joined to the controller


Seems like commands are not available on this version

test 11k tsmreq prep <AP mac> 0 <CLI mac>

test 11k packetSend 0




test commands were introduced in 8.7 for troubleshooting purposes. 

I don't see further updates from there. 

You can check with that code otherwise you will need an SR to check if we can add those commands in 8.10 train. 

Rafael - TAC
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