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veeramani Gopal

AD users not authenticate with wifi ssid

Hi i have configured acs 5.3. i integrated wth active directory also it got suceeded in test connection.but when am trying to conncet ssid its not getting authenticate,

wat r the users i created on acs they can able to login on wifi ssid

Please help this

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

Well first off, are you doing PEAP or EAP-TLS?  Did you install a certificate ins ACS 5.3?  How did you configure your SSID?  How did you configure your plicy in ACS?  What does the log show in ACS when the device tries to authenticate.  Here is a support doc, but has the ACS using the local database for user authentication.  You should try this first and then we can work on the AD side.

Here is another guide:

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Thanks for ur response

am doing PEAP ,i not installed certificate in acs 5.3.ssid i configured wpa+wpa 2.

For only new user am using local database authentication   in acs 5.3 that users are able to authenticate.

only domain controller user not able to authenticate

What is the identity store for your users?

Follow the link that Scott provided. ignore the certificate part and see how AD groups are mapped and used in the policies. That word file is very useful for you. Follow it and if you find it useful rate the doc.

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Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

In order to do any type of EAP, you need to have a certificate installed in ACS. That is why the authentication is not working.

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Here is a self signed cert

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now am able to authenticate with domain controller id,but which i created on acs user not able to authenticate,at that time in acs logs subject not found error is coming

please help this, 



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