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Airport Hanger Wireless Design

Jessie Escobedo
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Level 1

I have a client that has a airport hanger 200 ft. by 150 ft with the ceiling being 70 ft high.  I'm thinking of using Cisco AP 2600 series access point  with directional or panel antenna's.  The client will be using VoWLAN all through the hanger, including if they are repairing the tail end of the plane at the top.

Any suggestions/recommendations?

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

I presume the walls of the hangar are made out of metal corrogated sheet?

You can wall-mount the APs along the three corners of the hangar and floor space (I don't know what kind of sliding door you have so I don't think this will be possible since the middle "slit" for the vertical stablizer.)

Describe the floor?  Is there an fix "island" in the middle somewhere?

I am not keen of putting APs in the middle, by dropping the AP from the roof, because of the vertical stabilizers might get in the way.

I presume the a/c are GA stuff and not friggin, B737 or A310/320 stuff, right?

Yes corrugated steel sides. Nothing in the middle….totally slick concrete floor. Due to the height, I was thinking 3 APs on top, against the wall using 6 dbi external antenna's, putting them in strategic areas apart, and 3 APs on the other side of the wall, but lower to the floor around 10 to 15 ft.

That may work. Is there power in the middle somewhere where the technician might be working. If so, you may want to also look at indoor mesh. Have one AP set as a RAP and then put a MAP on the mobile tool cabinet that the mechanics use. Usually I have seen power for these and you can then provide better coverage especially in the rear of the plane when doing repairs.

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I agree.  Might work.

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