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AP manager - subnet question

Jamie Hancock
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Our WLC is configure in LAG mode, this means I can only configure one AP manager. The problem is, I have over 255 APs so the only way I can deal with this is if I use a /23 on the interface that the AP manager is configured on.


Please can you let me know if there is a recommend configuration other than creating a /23 subnet?

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Hi Jamie,


The APs doesn't have to be on the same subnet as the AP manager.

An AP-manager interface is not required to be configured. The management interface acts like an AP-manager interface by default, and the access points can join on this interface.


"The AP-manager IP address is used as the tunnel source for CAPWAP packets from the controller to the access point and as the destination for CAPWAP packets from the access point to the controller."


When LAG is enabled—Supports only one AP Manager, which can either be on the management or dynamic interface with AP management.


In my work I even use a /30 for management and thousand of access points in different L3 subnets. WLC is on a centralized solution.




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How are you pointing the APs at the AP manager IP address?



WLC Management & AP management vlans can be two separate networks.  For a small branch network, you can make them collapse into single vlan.


Only requirement is AP to have L3 communication with WLC management IP. If you do WLC in HA, you require 3 different IPs, so better to keep /29 or higher for WLC management network. If you already got network management vlan, typically you can put WLC on to it, rather creating a completely new vlan for WLC management.


One thing to remember is make it as a tagged vlan, (ie management vlan should not be the native vlan across trunk between WLC & SW port). Here are some best practice configurations when it comes to Cisco WLC




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Thanks for the response. I don't think this has answered my question.


How do I point new APs at that are on a different subnet and VLAN to the AP manager? I've read about DHCP option 42 but I'm not sure if this is still used?



Thanks for the help, I've manged to solve the issue by using DHCP option 43.



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