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Breeze Kuriakose

AP's in diffrent sites with diffrent vlan can register with WLC in main office

Hi i have a new Requrnment . Customer has 15 diffrent sites and one central site . They want to keep WLC in central site .

And access ponits will be there in diffrent sites . The sites are connected via MPLS .

They want Diffrent SSID in each site with diffrent VLAN's

Also they will be giving different VLAN (IP's ) for access point in diffrent sites .

In this case will the AP's can register with WLC . And connectivity(reachablility ) will be there from those VLAN to WLC VLAN.

Also will cisco support 3des ?

Breeze Joseph Kuriakose Sr Network Engineer


First of all if i am just getting your point, you have to connect the AP's to the WLC on the same LAN because the AP will start by sending a broadcast and the roiters between the branches or the sites will drop the broadcast, so when you connect the AP to the WLC LAN the AP will discover the WLC and will start to send a unicast to it and that is permitted on the routers over WAN.

Then you have to assign an IP from the remote site subnet, or if you want it to use DHCP thats is up to you then you have to let the AP use the H-Reap so it can communicate over WAN links.

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Thanks a lot Mr Shanableh . Again one small doubt whats H-Reap what does it means do i have to do some configuration on the WLC for that .

And if the AP i dint connect to WLC LAN . and instead if i configured a dhcp in the branch for AP and in that can i give some option ip address of WLC will it (like for phones options 150 (ip of callmanager) . will it work.Why am asking because the AP's will deliver to each sites and i have to go there. And make it register if there is no choice means i have to bring all the AP's to main office and will register with WLC and i can change the ip to appropriate sites subnet write . then all i have to do it take to the site and put correct vlan on switch and connect the ap make sure WLC is reachable to AP's when i do a ping .

Do you have idea about 3des customer has asked does cisco support 3des . whats that exactly . Can you just tell me whats that and how does it work , if you dont mind. Thanks..!

Breeze Joseph Kuriakose Sr Network Engineer
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