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AP wont change to Flex Bridge mode on the RAP

Paul Hanton
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Objective is to build a point to point Mesh Bridge with 2 c9124 AP's one running a EWC

Running version 17.13.1

Currently I'm configuring a point to point bridge with two c9124 and one is configured as an ewc. the ap mode is only showing as flex and if i try to change to flex bridge it doesn't work. It give me the message

"Primary AP requires controller to save and reload for the changes to take effect. Controller can be reloaded from Administration -> Management -> Backup and restore -> Reload" (Reloads always been grey and a loss of power reboot doesn't make a difference).

using the apply button it does seen to change it to flex bridge mesh appears but i cant seem to change the trunk configuration, it just seems to disappear and mesh mode is just blank.

I've also have a bug where I couldn't change the ip address via the gui but I could in command line however it wouldn't even ping itself. 

Is this version of code stable for this solution? Does anyone have it running at this code version?

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Which AP type is the child AP running ? CAPWAP or EWC (CAPABLE or NOT CAPABLE) ?

Any EWC capable AP in Flex mode connected to a MAP, should be in CAPWAP mode (AP-type CAPWAP).

On RAP, you have to set the bridge mode and on MAP, the flex mode.


The MAP AP is running Capwap,  The RAP is running EWC.

Ok so things look different in the 9800 gui than they appear in command line so our terms may be different or perhaps its different versions that we use.

I think the MAP should be in Flex+Bridge as well as the RAP (which I had working in 17.9.4). The role however differentiates their duties.

Flex +Bridge seems to enable the Mesh Tab  for configuration, RAP gets Root role and MAP gets the Mesh Role and this is also were you can enable the Trunk for the AP and set Native and allowed VLANs.

However in 17.13.1 I just can't get the RAP to accept Flex+Bridge, MAP doesn't have a problem.

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Sorry but I do not get why you need flex+bridge in your point-to-point bridge setup.

To my understanding, flex+bridge is needed if you have WLAN clients or child AP behind the MAP and locally switched at the RAP.

So in your case, I would think that choosing bridge mode is enough to gain the mesh tab then select root role.


With this version you can't just chose bridge mode, there's Flex, Flex+Bridge or clear.


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Did you enable Ethernet bridging on Mesh profile ?

Since this documentation, flex+bridge is supported since 17.6.2 :

Release 17.13.1 is a short lived version without MR planned. The most recent long lived version is 17.12.2 :

And the suggested version from TAC for EWC on 9124 is still version 17.9.4.

I think 17.9.4 is what I started with and used to show as 'latest recommended' (which doesn't show for any wireless software atm) but had the issue that all traffic would stop passing after reboot and VLAN transparent would need turning off and on again for the traffic to start passing. It was working but not after a reboot so not ideal for production oh and that version is running 'Dev code not to be used in production' for something call Nitro (I have a screen shot (which i caught on a reboot) but not on my current machine)

The build doc says the AP should show as Flex+Bridge but doesn't, it usually shows as Flex and I change it to Flex+Bridge.

The secondary doesn't have a problem with Flex+Bridge

I've been going off the following Design document.

Configure Point-to-Point Mesh Link with Ethernet Bridging on Embedded Wireless Controller with C9124 Access Points (


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