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C9800 - Guest anchor controller configuration

Charlie Grey
Level 1
Level 1


i am configuring the anchor controller for guest.

referring to Cisco Doc "Configure WLAN Anchor Mobility Feature on Catalyst 9800".

it states on the anchor, the guest WLAN profile must be the same like foreign.

Also it states the Policy profile on the anchor must have the same name and cannot be tied to guest WLAN that having AP.

Questions (the doc nv clarify) -

1/ after we create the policy profile (exclusive to anchor function), must we create a new Policy Tag and tie the guest WLAN profile and policy profile together?

2/ if on the anchor wlc, we also have same guest WLAN with AP connection broadcasting, then how do we configure this exclusive Policy profile??

Since the Export Anchor function cannot be enable on exist Policy profile cos it will stop the AP; Can we create a new Policy TAG and tie back the identical guest WLAN profile with the Exclusive Policy profile w/o impact to existing Policy TAG tie to guest WLAN profile w policy profile w AP broadcasting?

hope u can understand my Q.



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Arshad Safrulla
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Definitely you can create a new policy profile and enable export anchor function on the anchor. 

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