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Change the PSK for an existing wlan on a 2504 Controller


I have deployed a cisco 2504 controller on a production network.We intend to change the preshared on an existing WLAN key but we couldn't see this option in the GUI.


Can anyone please show how to do this.Either GUI or CLI.(GUI preferable)


Thanks in advance!!!

Rasika Nayanajith
VIP Mentor


You can do this easily via CLI. Here is the syntax if your wlan ID is 17 & new password is "Cisco123"

(2504) >config wlan disable 17 
(2504) >config wlan security wpa akm psk set-key ascii Cisco123 17
(2504) >config wlan enable 17 

Make sure all the users change to new password on their client devices.



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Thanks  for your response Rasika.


After using the commands, I hope the authentication method will still remain only PSK just like before.Since this is production network.

yes, this will only set a password for your WPA/PSK wlan.

Since this will disable your WLAN while doing this all existing sessions will disconnect. Also once you change the password all current users will  be impacted untill they change their password. So be aware of this while doing this change.




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Browse and login to WLC GUI https://<ip>

Click 'WLANs' > Select the appropriate WLAN ID (your PSK network)

Click 'Security', scroll to bottom of text area you will see 'PSK Format' and edit the text field with your preferred PSK key.  Click 'Apply' when done.  

It's recommended to manually disable then re-enable WLAN so that clients are forced off the PSK network.

If you prefer CLI, Rasika has provided you an answer.  'show wlan summary' if you're not sure about the WLAN ID.


Is it possible to CLI this specifying the SSID vs the WLAN ID? I have numerous controllers where the PSK WLAN ID is not the same across the board.

The WLAN ID is what is used to make the changes from the CLI.


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*** Please rate helpful posts ***

Yea there's no workaround. However I don't understand how someone prior to me was able to create and deploy a wlan template without having the WLAN ID checked. Well I understand that but I don't know how they were able to routinely change the PSK. Oh well. Thanks for the response.

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