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Chromecast / Apple Devices WLC 5508


 We are running a WLC 5508 and we seem to be having a hard time casting to Apple Devices.  Android Devices - no problem. 

Running Firmware / Software Version


Our issue is that Apple products (iPhone) can go through the set-up process of their Chromecast, but it does not show up as part of their “home” nor can they cast to the device using apps such as YouTube and Netflix.  The same Chromecast can be set-up through an Android device, shows up in their “home” and can cast to the device using YouTube and Netflix.


The Chromecast and other wireless devices are on the same subnet and we can see that the Chromecast device does have the correct IP address for the subnet.

mDNS is configured on our controller and the Chromecast’s MAC Address shows up under the “_googlecast._tcp.local.” service string.

The IOS device that we used for testing is on the latest IOS version and still cannot cast to the Chromecast.

The Chromecast used in testing has the latest firmware.


We also Added the service strings for AirTunes and AppleTV to the mDNS.  We also have Multicast enabled on our SSID.  We do not have a password associated with the SSID though - it's open.


Enable Global Multicast Mode and IGMP Snooping are enabled.


In the logs -

Bonjour_Process_Task: Sep 18 09:33:03.467:  CLIENT LOCATION / ROLE / USER-ID DENIED ACCESS TO SP .........

*Bonjour_Process_Task: Sep 18 09:33:05.063:  CLIENT LOCATION / ROLE / USER-ID DENIED ACCESS TO SP ......... = Google-Home- ._googlecast._tcp.local.



Has anyone experienced the same issues ?  Any Suggestions ?

VIP Advisor

Is that even supported by Apple?
What kind of apple device is this? Phone, Tablet, Laptop, …?

Is the log output from the Apple device?
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