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Hi,   We have a Cisco , and the customer want to have 3 WLAN, but he want to have one captive portal for each WLAN, only have the WLC he don´t have some external server, it is possible to have three different captive portals in WLC locally?   Thanks.

marcoch95 by Beginner
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This seems like a simple question but I can't find the answer... How do I reboot the primary WLC (in this N+1 failover pair) without the secondary taking over? Do I physically have to power it down/pull cables on the secondary or is there a trick?

brettp by Beginner
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I have been training to get this figured out and come to an end. I have an internal SSID connected to management interface and works fine.   port 3 IP scope: Sub: Router/Gateway: dhcp server: wo...

Hello there,   We are now deploying Meraki system at one of our customer. and configuring Contents Filtering for each office. (every single office would have same policy)   But since there are many offices, we don't want to configur it one by one. Is...

CATYO by Beginner
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Does any know where i can find the Cisco WLC 5520 Visio stencil? Or does anyone even know if there is one.  If not, then what is currently being used to represent the WLC 5520