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Cisco 1310 as a wide area AP (802.11g & protect mode) question


I am setting up several 802.11g access points. They will be configured to only allow my 802.11g (Linksys WET54G) clients associate. I have configured my Cisco 1310 APs not to allow 802.11b connection rates. Has anybody done this and how well did it work. My concern is to avoid having the AP go into protect mode should an 802.11b client or AP is in the area but not associated with my 802.11g network.

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Frequent Contributor

There is new command in 12.2(15)JA to disable protect mode. It is "erp protection cts-to-self." The command is not documented in our command reference or configuration guide yet. CSCsa43399 is a documentation bug to request add the command in the command reference.

Thank you dixho,

Would you please show me a sample config of where to place the "erp protection cts-to-self" setting. I have a Cisco 1310 running version 12.2(15)JA and I am not sure where to place the command.

I beleive the command "erp protection cts-to-self" is one form of protect mode which may allow faster throughtput in a mixed 802.11b and 802.11g network. I am looking to avoid protect mode and avoid 802.11b clients.

I want to try and avoid ERP protection (protect mode). - I want to only allow my 802.11g clients to associate. There are not supposed to be any 802.11b clients in my network. If I disable 802.11b connection speeds (1, 2, 5.5, and 11 Mb/sec) on my Cisco Aironet 1300, do I still need to worry about 802.11b protection modes caused by other 802.11b cards or other 802.11b activity?

From what I have read and think I understand, Protected mode only becomes a factor when an 802.11b client is associated - (or an 802.11g client connects at a 802.11b speed). Im I wrong on this thought?

I am testing the following settings on my 1300:

1.0Mb/sec Disable

2.0Mb/sec Disable

5.5Mb/sec Disable

* 6.0Mb/sec Require

* 9.0Mb/sec Require

11.0Mb/sec Disable

* 12.0Mb/sec Enable

* 18.0Mb/sec Enable

* 24.0Mb/sec Enable

* 36.0Mb/sec Enable

* 48.0Mb/sec Enable

* 54.0Mb/sec Enable

* = OFDM Rates

A tad bit more about 802.11g 54 Meg connections (I think I got this right):

11g, 54 Mbps/no protection = 29.0 Mbps of TCP payload throughpu

11g, 54 Mbps/CTS-to-self protection = 13.4 Mbps of TCP payload throughput

11g, 54 Mbps/RTS/CTS protection = 8.9 Mbps of TCP payload throughput

Thank you, your thoughts and input are welcome.

I am planning on ordering the "Oreilly" "802.11 Wireless Networks", is this a good book?

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