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Cisco 7925G - Changings in power consumption in Firmware 1.3.4

Frank Wagner
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Hello everybody,

I've just updated the firmware of my 7925G to newest release 1.3.4.

The last days I noticed, that the battery seems to discharge (according to the battery symbol on screen) much faster then it did with firmware 1.3.3.

Did anyone notice the same behavior after updating the 7925G to 1.3.4?

Is this only a bug in the indication of the charge condition of the battery or is this the "result" of the seemingly improved conditions of connection an roaming?

I'm really worried about that, because some of our users are handling a lot of calls per day with their radiophone

and I'm not really sure if the battery then would last the whole day.

And we've already using the extended big batteries for the 7925G, so a further extension isn't possible, except a second battery.

Thanks for your answers,

Greetings Frank

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I also discover the same problem after the upgrade, it seems that the transmit power on the phone stays

on 17dbm. WCS shows that the Power saving option of the client is Off, even it is enabled on the phone.

Seems to be a major bug or an undocumented feature Hope it will take only a few days till we get the new firmware on CCO.

Regards Thomas

Yes I got the exact same problem, but with 7921G phones.

I've upgraded from 1.3.3 to 1.3.4 a couple of days ago (because we got roaming issues)

and got a lot of complaints afterwards from people that halfway during the day the battery is already empty.

I'll have to downgrade again untill this is fixed in a new release, because it's not workable for most users this way.

Btw, I've noticed that not only with version 1.3.4, but also with 1.3.3, WCS reports that the powersave feature for the phone is off, while it's actually switched on according to the phone itself.


We have the Cisco 7925G Phones and we have recently upgraded the firmware on approx 150 phones from 1.3(3) to 1.3(4). It has been reported and we have noticed that the battery life also has dramatically reduced from around a 2 day lifecycle to a 6-7 hour lifecycle. This is a huge impact to our customer; does anyone know when a new firmware release will be coming out to address this? Has anyone got a TAC Case raised and had any feedback from Cisco TAC?

Kind Regards

Greg Murray

We have raised a TAC case against this and found that this is a known bug identified under bug ID: CSCtf82507

The TAC engineer does not have a release date for the new code, and is going to speak to the Development Team to see if they can provide an update on when this will be released



The workaround with rebooting the phone does not solve the problem in my environments, the transmit power stays on 17dbm as soon as it connects to WLAN even if the phone does not leave the WLAN coverage area.

Agreed -- expecting users to reboot the phone everytime is no different than asking them to use

a cell phone instead.  This new code is highly expected to resolve CCKM+AES for high-security customers ready to implement.  And this is a HUGE show-stopper.


I had an update from Cisco TAC today after speaking with the Dev Team and they are expecting to release the new software in Mid-May (+ / - 2 weeks)


Count me in on this - I have 30 users -- all complaining about their horrible batteries.

First we have phones that last 3 days - but don't ring, now they ring and work, but only for 4-5 hours standby.

If this upcoming patch doesn't fix them - they all hit ebay, and i'm picking up Spectralink 8030's..

The other wireless VoIP phone is the Cisco  SPA525G. The SPA525G - as mentioned above - is a desktop VoIP phone  with 802.11b/g wireless (and wired Ethernet) capabilities. but i am still getting some kind of problems. i will share when i got some solutions. but now i have to prepare my CCNA Certification exams like 640-801  Exam and 640-822  Exam with 640-816  Exam exam. if you can help me then please send me some information for this.

I have opened a SR, and cisco send me a version, but this firmware they say "has been through only basic testing to verify the power consumption issues" and the release of the firmware 1.3.5 wil be released towards the end of May, beginning of June .

I have upgraded the 7921 phones, because i haven't any 7925.

When i have results i willl post them.

We received Version about a week ago and have since upgraded some of our 7925 Phones and we are currently monitoring the performance of the battery life. I should have a clear idea by the end of the week if this has resloved the issue(s) or not.

It does concern me that it has only been through basic testing but hopefully with the release of 1.3.5 towards the end of the month then this should be more stable if we do run into any issues



This new version ( has solve the battery problem, and everything is working correctly.

Thanks for getting back ... +5

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin

Great !!!

is it possible you send me the test firmware? I have an 7129G with 1.3.4 and I am angry with  power drain issue


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