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Cisco 9120 AXI - Dual 5Ghz Radio

Mike Pennycook

Hi All, 

We're using the following access points: C9120AXI-E across various floors and after conducting a survey to ensure the correct placements. We have a high density environment with users using high bandwidth video applications. 

To minimize interference, we're using the 5Ghz radio only, and have turned off 2.4Ghz. What we notice is that channel utilization in certain busy areas goes up to 80% and above. All the channels being used on the access points are not overlapping with other devices in the area. 

The question is - would using dual radios on 5Ghz each help minimize the channel utilization being seen or given the high amount of users in a high density environment, could this cause high amount of noise even though non-overlapping channels would be used on each radio, on the same AP?

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Leo Laohoo
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What Channel Width is configured, 20-, 40-, 80- or 160 Mhz?

20 Mhz

Do you have any ideas what channels are highly utilized?

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