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Cisco Aironet for home network


I've got an old Cisco Aironet CAP 3062i-A-K9. Works great, good range, good speeds. I recently "upgraded" to a modern mesh wifi setup in hopes of getting better signal in the backyard. This was a complete failure, the mesh wifi, even with ethernet backhaul, doesn't do better than the Cisco Access Point. So the mesh wifi is going back.

I'd still like to push out into the yard if possible. I know I can get a cisco wireless controller and another AP and make that work. I also have a LAP 1142N-A-K9 laying around, but the CAP 3062i-A-K9 is about $15 used online, so I could swing either way. I've identified a Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller as being the thing I probably need. They're commonly available online with plenty of licenses for much less than the mesh wifi.

So I'm basically looking for an idiot check here. Of course this is all outdated equipment, so documentation is hard to find. Instructions on setup, what I can find, are byzantine. I am perfectly capable of following directions. I flashed the 3602i-A-K9 from Lightweight to Autonomous when I got it, so I know I'm technically capable enough to flash it back, and I'm prepared for this to be a hassle. Am I missing anything? I'm not super clear on the licenses thing on the controller, but I figure so long as I've got a few on there I'm good to go. Is it really as "easy" as get the controller, flash my APs to Lightweight, and then I'm good to go?

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If you are comfortable  configuring wireless controllers, then is should be as simple converting the access points to lightweight and joining them to controller. 



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